Episode #6: CFA Lesson #2

Why You Need to Rethink Your Study Structure and Routine


In today's episode, I describe why candidates need to radically rethink how they approach their CFA study plan. Old habits and methods will not work for the CFA exam.

Most candidates jump into the program without ever thinking about creating a valuable structure to get them through the finish line. Most just use haphazard guesses to figure out what they should study and when.

I talk about a new way to approach the exam. A way based on the best lessons from skill acquisition and the big mistakes candidates make. The information seems obvious, but candidates rarely implement what needs to be done.

Key Topics:

*How predictability is key to lowering stress for the candidates

*Why candidates continue to think they can cram their way through the test

*Lessons from survival and military training to apply to the exam

*Why more information doesn't lead to better studying

*Why you need to script the critical moves

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