Episode #5: Interview With Susie Qu

Today I interview one of my good friends from Chicago Booth, Susie Qu. Susie has a great and diverse background which brings a lot of insight for candidates. She has experience coming from a corporate background as well as her experience from Chicago Booth. We cover useful strategies for managing her career, the MBA, and CFA studying all at the same time. So any listeners who are thinking about taking on some or all of these commitments should listen to the show.

This is episode covers 3 big topics: the CFA exam, the MBA, and her career transition into investing.

We cover:

*Career background and transitions

*CFA vs MBA on difficulty

*Study habits while in the MBA program

*Family and career balance

Direct Download: http://traffic.libsyn.com/analystmastermind/Susie_Qu_Final_Cut.mp3

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