Episode #17: Deliberate Practice

How to implement the concepts of deliberate practice to build expertise

What is Deliberate Practice? 

Why you should focus on things you can't do well

Target 60-80% accuracy

Focus on long-term improvement. Progress doesn't happen overnight yet people quit because they expect easy gains to happen immediately

What are stretch projects and why are they important

Why focus trumps complexity and sophistication

The importance of feedback - you must have unbiased and rapid feedback to learn from deliberate practice

Why you should track your progress - everything must be tracked and measured

How to think about structure, schedules, and routines. These matter much more than willpower and working hard

Process vs Outcome - what is the distinction and why does it matter

Books/Authors Mentioned:

Any book by Cal Newport is fantastic

Google K. Anders Ericcson to find a ton of deep material on deliberate practice

Any book by Austin Kleon

Mastery by Robert Greene 

Direct Download: http://traffic.libsyn.com/analystmastermind/Deliberate_Practice.mp3