Analyst Mastermind Episode #9: CFA Lesson #4

Why CFA candidates should embrace failure and how to learn from other experts


In today's episode, we dig into the reason why failure is so misunderstood and why its a critical part to achieving expertise and mastery in the CFA program. Most people are raised to avoid failure and avoid any situation that involves the chance of failing.

Most candidates have never failed a test and the CFA process/exam will often be the first real test in their life. Candidates often begin the program with the same routines and habits they had in college, which will not be enough to pass. Other candidates will devote their entire life to passing the exam, but have no enjoyable life outside the studying.

There is a better way to approach the CFA exam and one of the first steps is embracing failure. By pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, you will rapidly increase your candidate knowledge by consistently tackling tough problems and challenging materials.

Topics covered:

*Candidates painful attitude and fear towards failure

*Why "comfort is the killer of will"

*Overnight successes are a myth

*What a logical approach to failure looks like

*How to engage in activities that create failure and learning

*Why errors are not the problem, the problem is the silence that conceals it

*Why a systematic approach with failure reduces stress and anxiety

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