Analyst Mastermind Episode 7: CFA Lesson #3

How to Develop a Flexible Mindset and the Dangers of Fixed Mindsets

In today's episode, we dive into the third lesson for CFA candidates. The importance of recognizing a flexible vs. fixed mindset is critical for lasting success. Most candidates have never considered how their mental approach and beliefs have limited their ability to grow their skillset.

We dive into the science behind the flexible vs. fixed mindset. Carol Dweck is a well-known proponent of developing a flexible mindset, and we dig into how candidates can cultivate this mindset and how it benefits long-term learning.

Topics Covered:

*why innate talent has nothing to do with candidate success

*why you should embrace failure

*how to put yourself into situation outside your comfort zone

*how experts cultivate a flexible mindset

*how the desire for security limits candidates chance of passing

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