Episode #1: Analyst Mastermind Intro and Top 5 Mistakes of CFA Candidates

Welcome to Episode 1 of the Analyst Mastermind Podcast. I'm excited to launch the podcast because there is a wealth of information out there for CFA candidates and financial professionals that is currently neglected. My goal is to curate and combine the best knowledge from multiple disciplines to give candidates and investors the best possible edge in any area.

The episodes will have two formats. One format will be interviews with current CFA candidates or charterholders. These interviews will dive into the details behind the success and failures involving the CFA exam, careers, MBA experience, networking, etc.

The second format will be teaching the science of skill acquisition. This will certainly be useful for CFA candidates, but also for financial professionals looking to improve their career capital and skill base. The skills and principles I teach can be used across all areas of life.

This first episode will talk about my background and my career experience. We will also talk about the top 5 ways candidates fail on the CFA exam. These are high level ideas and future podcasts will dive into more detail to provide actionable advice for candidates.