Episode #20: 5 Pieces of Content You Should Be Publishing

The importance of publishing content is critical to distinguish yourself from competition. 

#1: Earnings Reports/10-Q/10-K Summaries

Summarize the valuable information from the noise. Find the takeaways other investors are missing. Most investors are short-term focused, so long-term investors can find valuable information that is missed by others.

#2: Hot topic/Current Debate

Show you can make a credible and valid claim on a topic that is front of mind. In the real world, you will have to respond to new ideas. How you communicate your thoughts and arguments are critical for your reputation

#3 Company Initiation

Great value for other investors who don't have the time to do the work themselves. Other investors love to see reports that give them good background knowledge so they can make a decision.

#4: Industry Deep Dive

Shows you can put the work in and produce a longer piece of content. Perhaps 15-40 pages. Only need to do 1-4 per year. This provides a lot of value by aggregating info for other investors.

#5: Investment Philosophy

Let's readers understand why you believe what you do. Gives a more personal look into your thoughts and view of the world. These are foundational pieces for your investment strategy. You should have solid, yet flexible investment beliefs. Help educate the world why you invest the way you do.